Testimonials from users of The Recipe System

E. Murphy, Kingston ON

I have been using The Recipe System now for about 2 years. I find it easy to navigate and if you find yourself in difficulty, answers can be found in the help section. The customer service is very helpful also.

I really like the ability to post/attach pictures to a recipe. Nice to know what the end result looks like. I have scanned pictures of my mothers recipe cards into the system, especially the “family favourites”. If I decide to print the recipe, the card with her handwriting on it will print also.

Updates are easy to download off the website and the last one, Menu Creation, would be very useful to a busy family, weekly meal planning or a special occasion.

Because I am able to send a recipe pdf to my phone I have a more complete grocery list and I don’t buy any more than I need as I have the ingredient amounts right there.

All in all I find this to be a very user friendly system. Recipe input only takes a couple of minutes and I am not an experienced chef/cook. This system would work for any level of cook/baker! 

Alexandra B., Charlottetown PEI

The Recipe System is truly the perfect recipe organizer for someone like me. I am an organization nut, and I like to have multiple ways of categorizing recipes, and the Recipe System lets you do just that, with the ability to create Collections. When we’re feeling like a vegetarian meal, for example, but can’t decide on one, it’s so easy to scroll through my Vegetarian Collection to search for inspiration. Out of the many functions of the Recipe System, it’s hard to pick a favourite, but the Collections would have to be mine!


Pam Boteler, Alexandria Virginia USA

I love what Elaine has done with her Recipe System!  I am no “chef”, however, having one place to go for recipes vs doing searches in my email has helped me tremendously and saves time.  I’ve even changed my mind for what to make at times because I see so many other recipes that I’ve loaded in.  It’s fun to see everything in one place. I look forward to further exploring all of the capabilities she’s added to enhance my meal planning!

B. Lobban, Dartmouth Nova Scotia

As an older single male who had just taken up cooking I found the Recipe System to be very helpful.  Being a newbie reviewing cookbooks was confusing.  The computer program allowed for easy access to what I want to cook, and helpful for storing all required info.

l. Amberston MI

I was looking for a way to store my personal recipes. I tried a couple of free downloads that looked good but they had limits on how many recipes I could put in. This one did not have any limits.

I am very happy with how easy it is to use and the price.