The Recipe System allows you to create recipes, one at a time from a variety of sources.

The only required field is the title, after that you can include just a reference to where the recipe is found, link to an image of the recipe, you can copy and paste the entire text including ingredients into the Directions tab, you can link an unlimited number additional files like more images, pdfs, videos, urls for shopping for tools or ingredients.

You can create an unlimited number of your own categories, called collections.

You can create an unlimited number of cuisines.  The system is preloaded with most of the common cuisines.

You can create an unlimited number of ingredients used for predictive text when entering recipe ingredient lines.  The system comes preloaded with most ingredients.

You can copy recipes and then modify the copies to experiment without affecting the original recipe.

You can create cookbook-style PDF booklets with or without chapters for your custom collections (categories), for cuisines or for every recipe you own.  These booklets are customizable for image on the cover, and whether to include a picture for the recipe, a list of the attachments, history (memories, if the recipe has the field filled in) and other information (if the recipe has the field filled in).  The booklets can be printed in a modern font, traditional or script style font or saved as PDFs to send via email or to be saved in the cloud.

You can create menus by selecting recipes and then placing them in a date on the menu calendar.  You can create recipe booklets for menu date ranges that show the menus by day followed by the individual recipe printouts for each recipe for each day.  As with the other booklets, the menu booklets can be printed or sent as PDFs to the location of your choice.

All information is saved automatically unless you have checked the Confirm Changes checkbox.  This checkbox is for use only when you want to protect a finished recipe from unintended changes.

The Recipe system is a simple, flexible recipe organizer that will enable you to save recipes from anywhere in a format that you have a great deal of control over..

The Recipe System does not analyze nutritional data.  You can store calorie information for individual ingredients along with the typical unit of measure.  You can store a large amount of nutritional data – about 24 pages worth – in a single field in the recipe called Other Recipe Information.  This field can be printed as an option when creating recipe booklets but not when in view/print for individual recipes