The Recipe System is a versatile recipe organizer designed for anyone who wants to store their own recipes digitally, edit them and then find them easily!

There is no requirement to enter your recipes in any particular way, unless you want to create standard cookbook style pdfs.  You can:

  • copy and paste the entire text of a recipe including ingredients into the directions field,
  • simply catalogue where a recipe is using the source field eg Madame Benoit World of Cooking page 162
  • store hyperlinks in the directions field or as attachments
  • connect images to the recipe as the main picture or as attachments – great for those recipes you find in magazines and getting your paper collection in the system fast!
  • store videos as hyperlinks in the directions field or as attachments
  • make a recipe part of an unlimited number of collections (categories) that you define
  • create menus, even years in advance, using your recipes complete with the full text and images as pdfs and send to your devices
  • add history (memories) or other information to a recipe
  • create beautifully formatted cookbook style pdfs in one of 3 fonts with options to include/exclude certain fields
  • send all of your recipes or just particular collections (categories), including hyperlinks as pdfs to your devices

Entering a recipe can be as casual as you want to make it, or you can enter as many details as you want.  And there is a great onboard help system that actually helps!

All recipe information is saved automatically unless you have checked the Confirm Changes checkbox.  This checkbox is for use only when you want to protect a finished recipe from unintended changes.